Florida eateries packed after coronavirus restrictions lifted

Bars and restaurants were packed after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an order allowing to begin operating at 100 percent capacity. Photo credit: CNN

Restaurant opened by ‘Salt Bae’ in Boston closed for virus violations

A steakhouse opened by the Turkish restaurateur and social media star has been ordered closed. Photo credit: AFP

Seattle restaurants will have to ‘get creative’ to survive rain, cold temps

Seattle restaurants have, in short, had to get really damn creative. Photo credit: SPI

Kitchen knives with an edge: how five professional chefs chose theirs

From a humble Chinese cleaver to the Ferrari of sushi. Photo credit: PM

New York restaurants face make-or-break moment as indoor dining arrives

Outdoor program will be less viable in colder weather amid fears of another surge. Photo credit: TG

Some DC restaurants ditching tips in favor of automatic charge

Some restaurants are getting rid of tips and replacing them with a surcharge on the dining tab. Photo credit: WTOP

Local restaurants change and change again to survive pandemic, wildfires, rain

"One more setback and we won't get back up." Photo credit: TRG

Why this drive-through restaurant could be the future of fine dining

Ten Los Angeles chefs are serving up a 10-course meal — in your car. Photo credit: FC

Andrew Zimmern, local chefs host drive-thru fundraiser Tuesday

Several local chefs will host a drive-thru, pick-up dinner fundraiser in St. Louis Park. Photo credit: BMTN

8 egg dishes that Michelin-starred chefs can’t live without

From savory soy sauce eggs to a fluffy Baked Alaska, there's a dish on here for every meal. Photo credit: INSIDER

The weather chills, and restaurants face a choice

Invest in extending outdoor dining or let the changing seasons shut them down. Photo credit: TC

8 Arizona restaurants won awards for having great wine lists. Here’s how they were chosen

Restaurants win awards from Wine Spectator. Photo credit: AZC

Colder weather starting to impact outdoor dining

Restaurants anticipate changes to guidelines - idea floated for barriers between tables. Photo credit: WMUR

Chicago restaurants may use old buses, train cars and portable greenhouses for winter months

Over 640 entries were submitted to a contest for winter dining ideas. Photo credit: FN

You Can Buy This Michelin-Starred Chef’s Favorite Cooking Tool for Less than $1 on Amazon

All of Nico Russell's cooking staples are under $20. Photo credit: GP

Pratt Pullman Hosts an Open-Air Chefs Market Featuring 8ARM and Pop-Up Kamayan ATL

The market coincides with a double screening of “John Lewis: Good Trouble” and a voter registration event September 26. Photo credit: EATER

UMass chefs make step-by-step cooking videos of popular recipes

“The idea is to make other people happy with our cooking.” Photo credit: MDC

Entrepreneurs Launch New Home Dining Chef App

What if they created an app to connect talented chefs with hungry diners for delicious meals in the diners’ own homes? Photo credit: NB

Tom Colicchio warns of the ‘extinction of restaurants.’ Here’s how you can help

The pandemic has caused 100,000 restaurants (1 in 6) to close, according to a new survey. Photo credit: TODAY

NYC eateries can soon add a COVID-19 surcharge to restaurant checks

“This bill fundamentally is about saving the restaurant industry.” Photo credit: NYP

Three D.C. Restaurants Explain Why They’re Eliminating Tipping

The pandemic has upended industry norms, pushing restaurants to add service charges and raise wages. Photo credit: EATER

How to Save Restaurants

Rebuilding the restaurant business requires a new model for its labor. Photo credit: TNYT

‘It’s a Really Tough Call’: NYC Restaurant Industry Reacts to Indoor Dining Return

Owners, workers, and chefs react to the announcement that indoor dining is returning to the city. Photo credit: EATER

Are the Restaurants in ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ Still Open for Business?

Here’s your guide to where the chefs of Chef’s Table: BBQ are now. Photo credit: DECIDER

Atlanta chef Todd Richards makes the best of a bad situation by mentoring others

“If we were going to work this hard for somebody else, then we were going to take care of those we consider family.” Photo credit: WP

Outdoor Dining Experiences Featuring Well-Known New Orleans Chefs

Large garden location to allow for physical distancing. Photo credit: MNO

Noma’s Sister Restaurant Is Set to Close Permanently

Copenhagen’s 108, which opened in 2016, will shut down due to the negative consequences of the global pandemic. Photo credit: GS

Riverside’s Newly Legal Home Restaurants Look to Revolutionize California’s Food Scene

How California’s new AB-626 could unleash a completely new kind of marketplace of home-cooked meals. Photo credit: EATER

Jason Quinn’s Innovative Santa Ana Restaurant Playground Has Closed

The vocal chef took to Instagram to announce Playground’s a la carte menu and space was all but finished. Photo credit: EATER

Stephen Starr Restaurant Declares Bankruptcy, But He Says No Big Deal

As I’ve watched mom-and-pop restaurants close one after the other thanks to COVID-19, I’ve been sad but hardly surprised. Photo credit: Phillymag

Restaurant spending slows but remains positive

The industry’s performance in August has been a surprise for a number of reasons. Photo credit: RB

Even New York City’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants Are Struggling to Survive

"If we don’t open inside, it’s going to be a disaster." Photo credit: WSJ

Family-owned restaurant goes above and beyond to keep customers safe

Restaurants opt-in for enhanced COVID-19 training. Photo credit: ABC

Miami restaurants are reopening for indoor dining

Don’t be a big idiot if you go. Photo credit: Miami Herald

Landlords Lose Money When Restaurant Properties Sit Vacant, So Why Not Give Rent Relief?

Property owners with bullish views and big cash reserves see no reason to give tenants any breaks. Photo credit: EATER

Bites of Europe restaurant closed after employee tests positive for COVID-19

"In an effort to keep our families friends and customers informed, Bites of Europe has had an employee who tested positive for COVID-19." Photo credit: MT

Wokeness is a dish better never served — but it’s taking over restaurant criticism world

The joys of food and cooking no longer matter much in establishment perceptions of the culinary arts. Photo credit: NYP

Key West restaurant owners ask city officials to allow bar seating

The City Commission is expected to give them an answer on Tuesday, Sept. 1. Photo credit: KW