Costs of COVID: Restaurant owners bear burdensome new operational costs

"It legit feels like we're opening a new restaurant.”

Why This Restaurant Critic Isn’t Dining Out Right Now

The leisure of dining out doesn’t justify the health risks to workers.

Country Garden Opens Restaurant Operated Completely By Robots

“China officially released the technical specification for robot safety certification in the food sector on June 22...”

The Best Tapas Bars And Restaurants Of Spain’s Basque Country Are Re-Opened

So much has been written about modern, tourist-overrun Bilbao that its Basque character has been somewhat displaced.

California rolls back reopening of bars, restaurants and indoor venues

“As we open our economy, as more people mix, we’re going to see an increase in spread.”

Plan a Perfect BBQ with these Local Goods

With 4th of July coming up, here’s a guide for the ultimate grill day.

Some South Florida restaurateurs are voluntarily closing as COVID-19 cases surge

“There’s no question: If the numbers go up, you lay off.”

I’m Not Ready to Go Back to Restaurants. Is Anyone?

I’d love to be sitting in a bustling dining room, feeling completely safe and at ease.

Employee of a Miami restaurant quit after he says one of its owners jokingly referred to blackened chicken wings

“I couldn't imagine an owner of an establishment making a joke of that caliber...”

Chefs, friends and fans celebrate Anthony Bourdain on his birthday

On what would have been Anthony Bourdain's 64th birthday the culinary world took pause to celebrate his storied career, legacy and life for Bourdain Day.

Celebrating Bourdain’s Legacy

Tony Bourdain became much more than just the chef who opened the door to the depravity and twisted beauty of being a chef for the world to read about..

In ‘Taste The Nation’ With Padma Lakshmi, Food Is Political

The secret ingredient simmering at the bottom of every pot is politics.

More Than a Meal

we didn’t just lose places to be fed. We lost a theater of experience. Here, several renowned writers recount some of their most memorable meals out.

Ask Chefs Anything: Famous Foodies Are Auctioning Their Time in Support of Immigrant Workers

So many people who work in this industry have immigrated to this country,

Austin Asks Restaurants to Reduce Indoor Capacities From 75 to 25 Percent

The increasing number of cases and hospitalizations have placed the city in stage four of Austin Public Health’s risk-based guidelines

One Restaurant’s Survival Guide

This restaurant was forced to get creative with its use of technology — and to forgo the apps.

Indie Restaurant Owners Pen an Open Letter to Landlords to Help Save D.C.’s Food Scene

asking landlords to work with businesses to provide rent relief in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bon Appétit failed Sohla El-Waylly, and its implosion exposed the insidious inequality in the industry.

The food world is imploding over structural racism. The problems are much bigger than Bon Appétit.

New NYC Restaurant Projects Aimed at Supporting Black Communities

The new restaurant-backed initiatives include fundraising pop-ups, online classes, and free meal distribution for protesters and residents

Ted Cruz: Uber Eats’ no-fee policy for black-owned restaurants violates civil rights laws

Texas Republican predicts Uber Eats will be hit with lawsuits and lose 'every one'

Those Tasting Menus Will Never Taste the Same

Elite restaurants are selling burgers and bottled sauces to survive. After the lockdown, it will be even harder to get a table.

Coronavirus closed restaurants. Their workers need a ‘Right to Return’ when they reopen.

Amid the grief following 9/11, those of us fortunate enough to survive had to find work and rebuild our lives. Let's make it easier after COVID-19.


The government must provide targeted aid for mom-and-pop operations, according to a new report from the Independent Restaurant Coalition.

Racial Inclusivity in the Wine Industry

Wine symbolizes luxury and wealth, and with that comes exclusivity.

Portland restaurants talk reopening, rehiring amid coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought nearly all businesses to a halt in the United States at some point over the past few months.

The Number One Problem Plaguing Restaurants As They Try To Reopen

As a diner, you may have waited all through shutdown to make a restaurant reservation. And still, the place where you want to eat hasn’t reopened — and it may even have announced it isn’t coming back.

For Restaurants, Outdoor Dining Merely A Stopgap

Some cities are dedicating full streets and sidewalks to enable extended outdoor restaurant seating, but more crowded metropolitan areas may run into trouble finding space for diners.

New restaurants are mad crazy to be opening right now — or are they?

Modified menus, a bare-bones staff and the seemingly gargantuan task of attracting business in a time of such grave uncertainty are all factors in a new food and beverage operation.

Coronavirus spurs higher salaries at San Francisco restaurant Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters just started taking reservations for next month — and between a new menu, significant redesign and business restructuring, it might feel like an entirely new restaurant.

Restaurants’ COVID-19 surcharges infuriated customers, but experts say dining out is about to get even more expensive

As restaurants reopen dining rooms, lower-occupancy requirements mean that few will make anything close to pre-pandemic sales.


After Covid-19 Stay-at-Home orders end, dining out safely depends on architecture.

Colorado restaurants reopen after millions in losses as coronavirus cases fall across the state

Colorado restaurants began reopening their doors two weeks ago under stringent new public health guidelines that limit the number of diners and require employees to wear protective gear to try to limit the spread of the…

Remembering Anthony Bourdain Before He Was Famous

On the second anniversary of Anthony Bourdain’s untimely death, Earl Geer remembers their time running Sullivan’s Restaurant together.

‘Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted’: Fans reminded of Anthony Bourdain’s series, say Gordon can’t replace the legend

The showrunners may have found the germ of the idea from Anthony Bourdain's once longstanding hit show 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown'

All 12 Seasons of ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ Are Coming to Netflix

Anthony Bourdain‘s Emmy-winning show, Parts Unknown, is headed to Netflix.

As The Coronavirus Crisis Continues, More Restaurant Chains Add Mental Health Benefits

There are a number of factors at play that could position some restaurant chains more favorably than others in a post-pandemic world.

Italy, first to lock down in Europe, is slowly reopening, welcoming back tourists

Italy has begun easing key restrictions after a two-month coronavrius shutdown.

Beloved American restaurants shut down as coronavirus relief falls short

The economic pressure from the pandemic is hitting some of the country’s top-tier establishments, forcing some to close for good.